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These Three Principles Will Ensure Productive & Loyal Employees

Remote, hybrid or RTO is the hot topic and has been for a while. All have an opinion on this and provide specifics around one is better than the other. Isn’t it amazing how many companies where able to flourish during Covid when everyone was working from home? My thoughts are two things drive an employer In today’s work environment there is a tug of war between employer and employee over what their day to day looks like and what their futures hold. Covid has put more fuel on the fire to have both sides evaluate what is important while focusing more time on health, family and financial security than ever before.

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Areas Of Focus To Create A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel has been talked about for a while but many organizations still can’t seem to connect the dots and realize the return received in branding, revenue and acquisition. Many tools exist to help with that but I find gaps always exist and most organizations want the answer to what are we truly getting from this strategy right now. Being able to run reports to clearly see what you are getting in your digital environment is one thing but how does that translate to offline sales. I am not here to provide all the answers but if organizations focus on three areas then they will get further down the path much quicker.

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